Finding Success on Kickstarter

A new series, telling occasionally-related but more-often stand-alone stories, like Twilight Zone, discovering brand-new acting talent, and releasing the series direct to the public sounds exciting right?!

I thought so… and still do.

Back in November I ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding and support for a such a series. I budgeted for a three episode series called “Next Beings.” Basically stand-alone short films. The plan was to share a few storyboards, an animatic or two, and a summary of the films that I was going to produce in the style of Twilight Zone, like I said, or Amazing Stories, and Tales from the Crypt — for a couple more examples.

With so many amazing projects finding funding through the Kickstarter community, I thought the process would be fairly easy and help connect a future audience with the “Next Beings” series.

I was wrong. It wasn’t easy at all.

I connected to everyone I knew via personal & mass emails, Facebook & Twitter posts, and phone calls.  That was easy. I received support from a handful of my oldest friends, and even from a group of complete strangers. Checking in daily, multiple times per day, second-guessing myself, the public communications, etc. — that was the hard part.

Unfortunately I didn’t inspire enough excitement in my contacts and as a result gain the surge of support needed early on to continually build up to that tipping point on Kickstarter.

I took the month of December, in between the Holiday distractions, to think about the “Kickstarter” process, my film project, and outline how I might improve my public communication and teaser materials.

The failure on the first campaign was a necessary learning experience. (I have to say that, right?) In any case, a better, a clear plan is forming. And now a boost of self-confidence. Here’s to a successful second campaign.

The project is important to me, and because I love movies, things will work out. Somehow, I know it will find an audience to support the vision.

Stay-tuned for a fresh Kickstarter Campaign launch in January 2012. A brand-new film project is just around the corner.  First up, some new illustrations and 3D work to inspire you too.


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