Getting ready to Shoot.

I getting ready to shoot the first episodes of our series “Continuum” I’m researching the most suitable photography option for this production with a focus to balance image quality and price. There are many great devices that can create amazing image quality.  I’m trying to get a package that includes HDMI uncompressed out, in addition [...]


The Long Term Investment… Final Cut Pro.

I have been a FCP user since 2x at a previous employer. When I went freelance, I bought FCP 4x and DVD Studio Pro 2x just prior to the bundling of FC Studio. I bought Final Cut Studio 2 upgrade. I didn’t upgrade to Final Cut Studio 3 (Final Cut Pro 7) — I was [...]


10 Years Ago Today.

“Wired” (Short Film) (2001) “Wired” (a short film) was an assignment for Chapman University, Orange, California that my friend Ann and I collaborated on in 2001. Assigned as a Winter vacation project, Ann called me and said, “So, you want to make a film this weekend? …And by the way, do you have any ideas?” [...]


Finding Success on Kickstarter

A new series, telling occasionally-related but more-often stand-alone stories, like Twilight Zone, discovering brand-new acting talent, and releasing the series direct to the public sounds exciting right?! I thought so… and still do. Back in November I ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding and support for a such a series. I budgeted for a three [...]



I’ve been familiar with the Pixar story for a long time, even before Pixar was popular. Why? Because I was a Walt Disney (the man) fan. I’m in third-grade at the time.  I’d read, re-read, and memorize everything I could get my hands on.. I got my first Walt Disney (Bob Thomas) book in 4th [...]